Allegations of “hostile work environment” under the employer’s EEO policy or workplace violence policy often necessitate a formal fact-finding investigation. Even general performance or behavioral issues require special assessment when conflicting information is presented. 

Comprehensive Support 

Here is how Employers Council can help you:

  • Classes to teach you how to conduct and document a formal investigation
  • Advice and assistance to guide your own investigation
  • Professional investigators to conduct the investigation for you when it is necessary to ensure a prompt, thorough and unbiased investigation. There are many circumstances when it is essential to use an experienced and impartial third-party to investigate.
  • Help determining the appropriate course of action once the investigation is complete


Our one day course, Investigations in the Workplace covers the basics: addressing complaints, determining scope, interviewing, documenting, and presenting and evaluating findings to support informed decision-making.

We also have Investigations in the Workplace: Two Day Workshop which is a combination of interactive role playing, mock investigation practice, lecture, and group discussion to help you develop and/or hone all your investigation skills. Participants will practice issue-spotting, interview documentation, and strategies for handling all common, yet difficult, investigation issues.

If you plan on conducting your investigation in-house you can call for an assessment of the complexity of the investigation and get help with the steps to take during the investigation.  This is part of your dues service.

Investigation Services 

When a prompt, thorough and unbiased investigation is necessary, Employers Council has attorneys trained as professional investigators to conduct workplace investigations and provide guidance. This is important in today’s litigious workplace environment which exposes employers to high risks.

Once the investigation is complete, as a part of your membership our staff can assist you with next steps:

  • Our attorneys can help you determine the legal risks and how to proceed to minimize future liability.
  • Our HR and training professionals can help you with any policy or procedural changes brought to light as a result of the investigation, or any conflict resolution services that would be helpful so that the group affected can return to being fully productive.

Contact Us

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