Are you required to develop an Affirmative Action Plan?  

Employers who are contractors (or subcontractors) of the federal government with 50 or more employees and a single federal government contract or subcontract of at least $50,000 must prepare an annual written Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). The Office of Federal Compliance Programs (OFCCP) audits government contractors and subcontractors to enforce compliance, and may impose penalties on employers who do not comply or have an inadequate AAP.

Affirmative Action Workshop: An Introduction  

This workshop teaches you how to interpret and maintain a compliant Affirmative Action Program. Recent changes to Affirmative Action Regulations and current OFCCP trends make this a critical, often overlooked area of compliance.

Partnering with Employers Council

Employers Council provides all required Affirmative Action Plans along with advice and protection from violations for a reasonable fee. Consider that we have:

  • Experience and expertise with affirmative action plans – Employers Council produces about 500 plans a year
  • Up-to-date knowledge of AA and EEO regulations and requirements – our legal specialists stay current on the laws and current agency practices. The AAPS team highlights areas of concern and supports the company through implementing necessary updates and changes
  • Excellent software – Employers Council uses top of the line software to conduct the statistical analyses necessary to complete a compliant AAP
  • Experience with OFCCP audits – Employers Council regularly assists members with OFCCP compliant reviews.
  • Quick turn-around times - when Employers Council assists with production of plans, we typically completing a plan within 30-60 days

Unique Approach to Services

Employers Council offers a unique, one cost solution, to your company’s need for Affirmative Action compliance.

  • Plan Production
  • Data Preparation
  • Interpretation of Plan
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Training and Legal Updates
  • Policy Review
  • Full Audit Support
  • Post-Plan Strategy

Contact Us

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"We have been using Employers Council for many years to compile our annual Affirmative Action reports.  They have always been very responsive and extremely helpful in providing support as we navigate the reports, and any changes, each year.  They are always willing to jump on a call to discuss any questions we have or to help us determine how best to group our data.  They provide an easy to follow summary report that helps highlight any areas on which we should focus.  We appreciate the support that Employers Council provides with this annual task!"   

Jimena Ugaz / Mental Health Partners