What Employers Need to Know


From reviewing job descriptions to conducting a pay equity analysis, now is the time get everything ready ahead of Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. The new law has now gone into effect and comes with regulations that have a direct impact on how employers in the state hire and pay their workers. If you don't act quickly, your organization can risk facing serious consequences and thousands of dollars in spiraling costs.

Our Equal Pay for Equal Work Act guide will help you:

  • Understand how the new regulations impacts different areas of your business
  • Update your job descriptions and postings for compliance
  • Asses your application and interviewing processes
  • Analyze your pay policies and practices
  • Determine whether you should conduct a pay equity analysis as a 'sign of good faith' under the new law

Download this guide for a sample of how Employers Council can help you develop and maintain an effective, successful organization.