Session 1: Strategies for Managing the Business Impacts of Wage Inflation

One of the most pressing concerns of employers in 2023 is the rising cost of hiring — and keeping — effective employees. Overall, wages rose more than 6%  in 2022, with entry-level positions and some industries, like hospitality, seeing even higher spikes.1 The first Exceptional Workplace Series session of 2023 will cover the challenges wage inflation can cause, including: 

Creating a culture of equity and inclusion paves the way for true diversity—and all its well-publicized benefits for employee wellbeing and business performance. This webinar will cover what you need to know to authentically integrate DEI principles into your organization, including:

  • Recruiting: Losing top candidates to competitors with bigger hiring budgets
  • Pay compression: An imbalance in job pricing that can create tension inside an organization
  • Retention: Rising salaries can tempt employees to start looking for better offers

Then we’ll explore  innovative strategies to counter these obstacles. How can smart internal reorganizations help refocus your recruiting efforts? How do you make the case for changing wages to your C-Suite? What productivity technologies, processes and culture changes can help balance rising payroll costs? How can you partner with your existing employees to create a truly exceptional workplace?

This 30-minute,  on-demand video will be released on February 27, 2023. Access is free for Employers Council members and $40 for non-members. Whether you’re a member or not, you’ll need to register, so the video is delivered to your dashboard on release. This session is worth 0.10 CEU credits. 

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1. “Didn’t get a big raise this year? It could come in early 2023,” by Jennifer Liu. 15 December 2022.